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We are happy to announce that saxophone quarter RE/SONO from Strasbourg won our second call for projects, and we are proud to support it. Save the date to discover RE/SONO in concert at the auditorium of Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Strasbourg on 10th of January 2019.

Romain Chaumont, saxophone
Yanir Ritter, saxophone
Alexandre Galvane, saxophone
Olivier Duverger, saxophone
Site Facebook : resonosax4tet

Romain Chaumont, Yanir Ritter, Olivier Duverger and Alexandre Galvane, young saxophonists trained in prestigious musical institutions in Europe (Vienna, Bordeaux, Milan) and recently graduated of the Hochschule of Bâle or Music Academy in Strasbourg, meet them and get together them in Alsace to perform contemporary and classical music.

In a warming and intimist ambiance, RE/SONO make you to discover original pieces for saxophone quartet with modern and varied sounds, and make them interact with classical and baroque pieces transcriptions. This saxophone quartet, versatile training with full sonorities and sometimes smooth accents, sometimes incisive, sometimes percussive, create link between ages and styles, playing with timelessness of instrument.

In 2017, RE/SONO won the XXe International Competition of Chamber Music to Illzach.

Saxophone : Romain Chaumont
Saxophone : Yanir Ritter
Saxophone : Olivier Duverger
Saxophone : Alexandre Galvane

In 2018, RE/SONO started its first project of orders. In calling on three young composers, Matías Couriel, Sergio Nuñez Meneses and Mathias Berthod, RE/SONO wanted to build a triptych where each on would treat a facet of modern exodes, consequence of the Middle East wars. Aljamia is an echo of the horror of war, Voix perdues qui rament a representation of invisible waves created by the trip of exiled in sea, Aube is a vision of arrival in exiled country, where we would hear the feelings of an exiled facing discovery of a haven of peace but also difficulties to be make accepted. Facing this triptych, we will discover Durch of Fabien Lévy, tribute to Gérard Grisey, whose the title deals with the passage, the journey, the trip, and why not the exil ?

Like a counterpoint of complex languages of this four composers, the quartet sprinkles the concert of short Tapas, of Marc Mellits, more minimalist, danced echos or thoughtful, with savours of elsewhere.

Programm :

Tapas 1 – Marc Mellits
Durch – Fabien Levy
Tapas 2 – Marc Mellits
Aljamia – Mathias Couriel
Tapas 4 – Marc Mellits
Voix perdus qui rament – Sergio Nunez Meneses
Tapas 5 – Marc Mellits
Aube – Mathias Berthod
Tapas 8 – Marc Mellits

Musiques Eclatees supports musical creation in Grand Est, by a micro-festival organization every year in March. All year, Musiques Eclatees proposes call for projects to support musical ensembles. RE/SONO won our second call for projects.


A co-production Elektramusic and Musiques Éclatées
with the support of City of Strasbourg, of Région Grand Est, of Crédit Mutuel and Museums of Strasbourg
for d’Happy20 for 20 years of MAMCS

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