Call for projects

Musiques Eclatees proposes, several times in a year, a call for musical projects in Strasbourg and Grand Est area of France, in the field of contemporary, classical and jazz musics, with the aim of opening these musical practices to new and broad audiences. This call for projects is only for young or emerging musicians and ensembles. 

We offer to laureates, according to their needs : 

1 – A grant of 1,000 euros to complet current funding of each project

2 – A concert to show selected projects at the auditorium of the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Strasbourg, MAMCS

3 – A loan of technical equipment (recording tools, loud speakers, computer, stage lighting, etc.) to help each project

4 – A recording session in a studio for two days 

5 – A coaching to complet successfully each project (business and legal advices, help to get fundings, communication)

6 – Workshops because laureate get a free access at all of our workshops for a year

Please go to the French side to know dates of upcoming call of projects