Musiques Eclatees is a non-profit organization for the production and diffusion of contemporary, classical and jazz music in Strasbourg, Grand Est of France, and the large border area between France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Musiques Eclatees promotes musical creation with a one-day musical festival and runs an annual concert series. Our organization also supports new musical projects, publishes music, and offers technical and music business courses. At last we’re also working on the future opening of a new music venue for residencies and musical creation.

The 30th of March in 2019, the second edition of Musiques Eclatees took place. This one presented itself like a musical route allowing to discover all the vitality and energy of musical ensembles of Strasbourg through 10 free concerts in the historical city center of Strasbourg. For this second edition, we proposed you one concert all hours in venues just as unexpected as music that we’ve proposed you : the Cathedrale, a river boat, the city hall private room, the Opera National du Rhin, or the Lafayette Galleries.

Between classical, jazz and contemporary music, this 30th of March in 2019 has been the opportunity to glean to suit your whims and fancies between all this quality musical proposals play with talent and intensity by the musicians of Strasbourg, they are already known or deserve to be.