Partners venues of our concerts

There are many fascinating venues in Strasbourg, but those which come, have a strong character and play the game of the democratisation of all music in welcoming the concerts of this second edition of Musiques Eclatees the 30th of March in 2019. In waiting concerts, we invite you to discover them or discover them again and make them a well deserved visit !

The Graffalgar Hotel

The Graffalgar is an innovative hotel with an urban and modern design. Each bedroom is unique and personalized by artists who have free rein to express their creativity. True crossroad, it allow the meet between travelers, artits and curious.

Hotel, shows venue, art gallery, “the Graffateria” restaurant, the Graffalgar want to develop a dynamic based on share between customers of the hotel and the population of Strasbourg.

Modern and Contemporary Art Museum

The Modern and Contemporary Museum of Strasbourg, opened in 1998, is placed Hans-Jean-Arp place, near to Vauban dam, very nearby historic city center of Strasbourg.

The museum is organised around a huge nave. This true “inside street” distribute severals spaces showing modern and contemporary art collections, just as the graphic art  and photography cabinet. Almost 5 000 m² are consecrated at the presentation of works.

Batorama River Boat

To visit Strasbourg with a boat is an ideal way to discover the city without tire.

Batorama, the “boat-trip” of Strasbourg, proposes all the year the visit of the Alsatian capital in 70 minutes, to discover or discover again the unmissable sites, like Petite France district or des Tanneurs, the Ponts Couverts and Vauban dam, the “Neustadt”, just as the European site.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Underground church, the crypt of Strasbourg’s Cathedral gives vestige up of roman edifice on which it is built.

The crypt, which is a home for bishop vault, is decorated of beautiful capitals showing a vegetable motive, bush with palmetto shrub or a motive which make reference to medieval  bestiary, in each angle is sculpted a lion in high relief, whose the paws are taken in foliage. In all likelihood, its date back to 12th century. The axial window is decorated of a late roman stained glass which shows an angel.

Les Galeries Lafayette

Les Galeries Lafayette are the emblem of the French-style department stores. The large building of the street of November 22 was inaugurated in 1914, it’s home to a monumental stairs and a marble fountain hid under this stairs. An emblematic venue of Strasbourg, which is the partner of this second edition fo Musiques Eclatees.

Kleber book shop

Placed in city center, the Kleber book shop in Strasbourg is a general book shop which proposes books in every discipline with specialized shelves.

The Kleber book shop in Strasbourg is an independent and free cultural venue, and organizes every day meetings-debates with writers and authors : novelists, sociologists, psychoanalysts, historians… 
It also invites artists, musicians, actors, plastic artists to express theirself and talk to their art. The white room stay the unmissable place of this book shop where mix literary meets, comics, reads, society debates, concerts, exhibitions.

Town Hall

Became town hall in 1806, the Hanau-Lichtenberg’s old count’s residence kept elements of its inside origine decor. It’s today the privileged place of municipal representation.

Protected by its public building status, the inside decor, feature of a noble residence in 18th century was conserved. Dining room and living room of ground floor still shine of all rich paint panelling, while in the ceiling, golden stuccos remind centers of interest of builders in 18th century, among which the war, of course, but also geography and navigation. 

Opera national du Rhin

The Opera national du Rhin owe its exemplary character at the specific contribution of three cities which compose it : Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colmar. Association of communes, the Opera national du Rhin has its gestion jointly managed by the three cities, which have, each of them, their proper creative activity : the Opera in Strasbourg, the Ballet of the Opera national du Rhin, national choreographic center since 1985 in Mulhouse, and the Opera Studio, training cell for young singers in Colmar.

After more thirty years of existence, Alsacian experience was became a model. While fiercely staying connected at its regional and european roots, the Opéra national du Rhin was established itself like an unmissable institution of international and French lyric life, awarded in November in 1997 by the label “Opera national”.

AEDAEN Gallery

The AEDAEN is addressed to informed collectors which are looking for emerging talents, but addressed too amateurs which is seeking advices. AEDAEN proposes them for purchase the works of artists that we chose for the pertinence of their approach et their plastic commitment in the worlds of art.l

The AEDAEN gives at the artists tools to help them in the sale of their works and it want to be part of an authentic approach, and not just a cosmetic approach.