Application for Musiques Eclatees

If you are a musical ensemble or a musician of Strasbourg or Region Grand Est, and you wish to propose a concert for the next edition of the Musiques Eclatees’day, so go to the French side to apply. 

Musiques Eclatees is a development of audiences day whish enable to musical ensembles to meet new audiences in quirky venues and in a relaxed and convivial ambiance. 

To participate, it’s important to respect the following conditions : 

  • Have a 40 min program.

  • To be a 3 musician ensemble (Musiques Eclatees doesn’t take care more of 3 fees per concert).

  • Have a short installation and run-throught time (1 hour).

  • Don’t have weighty technical needs or take care of its yourself.

  • To be in a share behaviour and to communicate on social media your concert in this festival.