Musiques Eclatees is a non-profit organization for the production and diffusion of contemporary, classical and jazz music in Strasbourg, Grand Est of France, and the large border area between France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Musiques Eclatees promotes musical creation with a one-day musical festival and runs an annual concert series. Our organization also supports new musical projects, publishes music, and offers technical and music business courses. At last we’re also working on the future opening of a new music venue for residencies and musical creation.

Financial partners :
Ville de Strasbourg – Région Grand Est – Crédit Mutuel – l’Archipel des Utopies – SACEM – DRAC Grand Est


Graphic Design :

Media Partners :
Accent 4 – Or Norme – France Bleu Alsace – Fip – COZE

Technical Partners :
Pianos Ades Prestel